Saturday, September 6, 2008


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We will play live again very, very soon.

The list thus far

Perfect Crime
Dirt In The Ground
Christmas List
Cat and Mouse
Ghost Stories
Wings Clipped

About halfway finished. Oh yes.

Friday, September 5, 2008


We are making a new ep. Andrew has returned. There is going to be some good stuff going on very soon.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Things will happen now.

Going into the studio to mix the EP on July 25-26. Should be mastered by the next week and available for download/purchase as soon as that is done. Pressed copies will take a bit more time. This is finally happening.

The summer is getting hot. I am getting antsy. But that's ok because we are going to begin working with a new drummer this week. His name is Gavin and he also drums for a good San Francisco band called The Blacks. We played together once many weeks ago and it went really well - he learned all of the songs we sent him to learn plus he picked up on a new one we were showing him within 5 minutes. Very impressive and very comforting.

So now we will try to rehearse and get a 7-8 song set together so we can play a couple of shows to get into the swing of it. It will be interesting to rearrange the songs from the EP for a three piece set up as they were pretty much all written for a 4 piece band. The next few months may very well end up being a search for new musicians as well. A keyboard playing guitarist or a guitar playing keyboardist would be ideal to start with. We'll see.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

The first show in a long time.

The show went really well. Small crowd but we played better than any of the times we'd rehearsed. It all came naturally. Like breathing. Although I've got to working on my breathing when singing - so maybe not really like breathing. Like some other easy-come-natural thing.

I just heard the name of our band in a Talking Heads lyric to the song "New Feeling." I'm just going to say for the record (no pun intended) that the song had nothing to do with the selection of the name. Randomness and cool/big soundingness had to do with the selection of the name. We would like people to listen to our records for a million years. After that, they can put them down if they want to. We'd be ok with that.

So the show went well and now we're going to try and book some more. Not sure if they will be acoustic sets but I really want to get those goddamn backing tracks going so we can at least say we've tried that.

Anyway, now we've got to really put our heads to the drummer search. Still no meetings but a couple are set up for the coming weeks. We'll see what happened.

Also, going to try and record proper demos of some new songs this week. If those work well then planning can be made for EP number 2. The louder, more electronic, more modern sounding record? Or the gentler, softer, throwback to the Velvet Underground whisperacoustic record?

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The search continues.

We keep posting on craigslist searching for drummers. It seems like we might have a couple of prospects, so things are looking well. We're going to have to meet up with these people and see if they're nice. If they're not nice then they at least must be fucking cool. And if they're not cool they will never make it to stage three: the JAM session. Ah, the dreaded jam session. The one where the question "So, um, what songs do you know?" gets asked about a thousand times. I think we'll be alright though. We always are, mwahahaha.

In other news, We had our second day of rehearsal for the Yippie cafe show and the songs are sounding better and better. Those present at this show will be impressed. I bet you a dollar its true.